Products and Services

There is a natural tendency within the IT industry (particularly those of us servicing the SMME segment) to try to "specialise in everything".  This is driven both by economics (taking what work we can get) and by customer demand (the desire to keep existing clients happy).

Within these constraints, however, Altnetcoza attempts to focus on certain key products, technologies and vendors.  This list is revised annually, particularly with regard to the growing trend towards Web/browser-based applications and services (EAAS or "Everything as a Service”) and Cloud Computing.

Products, technologies and vendors supported

  • CMS websites, specifically WordPress, more specifically utilising WooThemes templates.  Also Joomla where required
  • Linux cPanel Web hosting
  • Google Apps for Business deployment, administration and support
  • Microsoft Office 365 deployment, administration and support

We also provide more traditional IT products and services, including:

  • Domain name registration, setup and maintenance of cost-effective, entry-level or “starter” Websites and “branded” e-mail accounts
  • Installation and setup of Microsoft Windows, Office and other desktop products, along with end-user training.
  • Implementing a desktop management strategy to ensure that workstations are standardised, patched, protected against malware and backed up, and that end-users can be supported (remotely in need).
  • Assistance with integrating BlackBerry and Google Android products in a Windows environment.
  • We can supply computer hardware on request, although this is not core to our business
  • Maintenance/repairs to or upgrading of computer hardware is outsourced

If it’s not on the list, then ask us anyway.  As a cousin of mine (a shopfitter) says regarding his trade, “what we don’t do, we also do”.  (I was also always amused by a sign outside a mechanic’s workshop which read “We specialise in Citroen, Peugeot, Renault and all makes of cars”.)